The Carbide M, Our innovation

Titanium carbide balls - even better material

Since the creation of society, we have always been motivated by the investigation of the perfect ball and the perfect material. Thanks to this motivation, and to our great control of the tungsten carbide we have managed to develop the Carbide M.

C’est grâce à cette motivation et à notre grande maîtrise du carbure de tungstène que nous avons pu développer le CARBURE M.

The Carbide M, developed and manufactured internally by our team, is an alloy of titanium carbide. It is a unique material with extraordinary properties.

Properties of Carbide M

The Benefits of Carbide M

A revolutionary material

In addition, the wear at very high load (load of seizure) is due to a phenomenon of adhesion seizing by the contact 100% steel, while by a mixed contact Carbure M / Steel, the wear is caused by a phenomenon of abrasion.

These tests were performed according to the ASTM D 2783 standard (test 4 balls)

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